Monday, 5 October 2015


Here I am on my element. Pointillism has became my trademark on a go to learning more and more about art and it's techniques. Even though this is pretty small piece (15cm x 21cm) and simple it is really pretty while also peaceful.
   I made this some time ago to this christian event where one of the topic's were "two is better than one". It made me feel like I need to do something that is able to be read like there is a parent and a child. Also calmness and feeling of safety were things that had to be shown.
   I love it and this one is propably one of my favorites. How do you like it? Is it too simple, easy or just good as it is?

Saturday, 3 October 2015


 Hello again and welcome back. Today is all about this magical spring and a random beetle. I was suprised that it is even possible to find this kind of a place in Finland and it took only 30 minutes to drive there. Me and my friend went there just in a right time to see diver taking under water pictures. But that the combination wouldn't have been too normal there also had to be a "hippie" who was just taking his time and sipping some of that clear water (as I understood what he told us).
   While waiting for another post go find the diver from the pictures. Maybe a drawing or painting next time? We'll see about that. Until then, good night.