Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Is it just me or is that sun actually there. I mean after cloudy summer this fall looks like it's gonna be less rainy. Since when fall in Finland has been anything but muddy and dark. Not gonna complain about this.
    You might be wondering that who are the persons in the pictures. On the upper pic there is staring my beautiful and tall friend Emilia. Why am I saying that she is tall? Because I look like a hobbit beside her.. just kidding but I look really short without my heels when she's around. Finally in this next pic I'm wearing my denim jacket and had rolled up my hair with hairband. 
   Other thing is that did you notice that these pictures are from same place as in previous post? Weather really makes a difference.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


 Hello again. So here I am and hadn't post anything in a month... I'm so good at keeping something going as you can see! Summer is about over and fall is walking in (or autumn, how ever you like). Eather ways I took my bike from warehouse and headed to the shoreline. Took some pictures and enjoyed the peace as the water rippled. Let's not forget to relax in the middle of a hurry.

" He will cover you with his feathers, he will shelter you with his wings" - Psalm. 91.4