Monday, 27 July 2015


29. Your favourite weather

What I love is a day when it has just rained. Water drops are falling from the window and a nature looks like it has just woken up. 

28. A Room

My favourite place in my parents house is when you step out of the staircase and see how living room opens right ahead. Big open place and those windows which are the thing why I love it so much. On left there is dinner table for twelve and on right a couch, tv and a fireplace.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


25. Someone or something from mythology.

Struggle with this work was absolutely horrible. I had to do this twice before it was good enough. Graphic look was a good choice after the disaster with realistic one. That is also why yesterday there wasn't post at all.
   When I looked at this topic I thought I would make creek goddes or something. But I always draw humans and a creature started sounding really good when my friend suggest Sleipnir. Eight-legged horse isn't so bad in this time comparing to a dragon which would take so long.
   Todays next drawing will be 28.

Friday, 24 July 2015


5. Your favourite outfit

I love skirts and loose shirts. In this drawing I decided to have my black over-knee-skirt, ballerinas and shirt with lace.


9. Something you're afraid of

At first ideas of monsters under my bed became to my mind. Yes I still have my own imagination and after a horror movie I'll be on my guard if those monsters actually were real. (No more horror movies for me!) After threwing monsters away I thought that after all the scariest thing that I'm afraid is myself.
   Getting these ideas in my head like "Why did she look at me like that? There must be something wrong with me". Even though that person was probably just minding her own business. Or when you think you're not good enough because someone else is better.
   All the thoughts in our minds are creating good or bad feelings and if you let them catch you then you should probably think twice. It is so easy to fall onto the conception that I was the one doing it wrong and I'll never do it right. If we don't keep our heads up we will get into thinking like this all the time. That is why human mind is so scary. Because it's hard to think otherwise in good but easy to give in.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Just like Ramya said "I've decided to really test myself!" in her blog 2012. I'm about to do the same and start this challenge. Go check her page here: Blurred visions
   Twist in here is that I'm not gonna do them in order. Just so you don't know which will be next. I probably will be cheating if I don't manage to do these everyday... anyway the point is to make one each day from tomorrow. So let's drow a dice and see first one tomorrow! 

Monday, 20 July 2015


Cottage by the lake and having friends around is a great way to spend a weekend. A lot of laughter as well among the group as between two. I mean while chatting with my friend, a dog from neighbouring land joined us. Happily he pranced to us and in no time we were covered in dog slobber... either way I got few good shots before we walked him back to his owner.
   Sun was shining even though it promised bad weather, and it started raining heavily when it was almost time to get back home. I don't know whether I need to recover from this trip or am I relaxed. Maybe it will clarify while getting back to week! What is your way to relax? Think about it or comment down below. Have a good week!